Players with sponsorships for the 2022-2023 season.

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Mark Richards

  • 2022 Singles World Champion
  • 2022 Co-Ed Doubles Champion
  • 2022 Open Doubles Champion
  • 2022 Final Chase Singles Champion
  • 2022 Final Chase Doubles Champion
  • 2022 Rookie of the Year
  • 2022 Man of the Year
Cornhole player

After maybe the single best year in the American Cornhole Leagues history, Mark Richards is looking forward to another successful season on the boards. Mark will be teaming back up with Daniela Luna for Co-Ed, and Phiip Lopez Jr. in doubles. Mark will be throwing Lucky Bags for the 2022 season.

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Tom Gustasfon

  • 7th Place Doubles in 2021
  • Top 75 Singles player in 2021
  • Top 50 in Doubles in 2022
  • Top 50 in Singles in 2022
cornhole player

With a successful 2021 ACL season in doubles with Steve Bernacet, finishing ranked #7 overall, Tom and Steve ran in back in 2022 and finished up in the Top 50. For 2023 Tom will be doubling up with second year ACL Pro Nico Mireless. Tom is throwing Titan Bags for the 23 season.

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Chris Tornatola

  • 2 Time “Iron Man” Award from the American Cornhole League
  • Turned Pro in 2019
  • Largest Live Stream cornhole audience in the country
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Known as the “Iron Man” in the cornhole world, Chris “Tornado” Tornatola attended more ACL events than anyone in the country and is one of the most recognized players in the American Cornhole League. Along with Carrie Shilale, Chris started Woohole Cornhole in Worcester, Massachusetts in 2019 and now has a social media following of over 11 thousand followers who tune in for his live streams all across the country. Chris throws SEVA bags.

Cornhole Player

Travis Purser

  • 1st year ACL Pro
cornhole player

Travis is known throughout the Carolina region after just picking up a set of bags in 2020 and starting to throw at local tournaments. With much success in a short time, Travis played the Pro Qualifier at Rock Hill, SC, and was able to earn his ACL Pro card. Travis will be partnering with Brandon Jones for the season and throwing Reynolds bags.

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Tyler Poythress

  • 2019 Doubles National Champion
  • 2019 World Doubles Semi Finalist
  • 2020 World Pro Blind Draw Champion
  • 2021 World Doubles Finalist
  • 2022 Advanced Singles Champion
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After a successful career in cornhole for several years, Tyler Poythress took off the 2021 season only to come back for the 2023/23 season with a tear by going undefeated in the Pro Qualifier and once again securing his ACL Pro designation and will be teaming up with Kaylee Hunter. They will be throwing Fire Cornhole bags.

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Ken Allen

Bullet Points

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cornhole player

Jo Nathan – Augusta, GA.

cornhole player

Bradley BabsonShallotte, NC

cornhole player

Joseph JohnsonJacksonville, NC

cornhole player

Lance Hobbs- New Jersey

cornhole player

Sheree HigginsSwansboro, NC

cornhole player

TJ Bowie – Sneads Ferry, NC

cornhole player

Brian Ogle – Forest Hill, MD

cornhole player

Kara MatherMorrisville, NC

cornhole player

Ken & Lindy Brand – Deshler, OH

cornhole player

Dave Porterfield, PDC Pro – MB, SC

cornhole player

Phil DeBuhr – Oceanside, CA.

cornhole player

Neil MacKay – Cary, NC

cornhole player

Johnnie Willis – Salter Path, NC

Mason PollardMidlothian, VA.

cornhole player

Micah OakesChesterfield, VA.

cornhole player

Jordan Michell – Rolesville, NC

cornhole player

Colby Shearer – Four Oaks, NC

cornhole player

Landon Bass – Chesapeake, VA.

cornhole player

Nic MooreMaryville, TN

Please read this information before you send a request.

Cornhole is upon us and there are many players, both professional and non-professional, looking for sponsorship. But how many actually know what sponsorship is and what is involved? A sponsorship is a partnership between a company and a player. A sponsorship deal has to add mutual value for both parties involved.

Before you ask for a sponsorship, ask yourself what value am I going to bring to that company?
We are going to break down what we feel a Bust You Up Cornhole sponsorship is and what’s involved from both parties.

Sponsorship needs to benefit both parties

We are not going to go into much detail about what the different levels of sponsorship offer because that is up to the sponsor and the player to negotiate and it is different for each company. What we do want to talk about is the commitment that you as a player are making to obtain the sponsorship. Many people don’t understand what their job as a sponsee is after the deal is made and think it’s just a matter of a company giving you money to travel and play cornhole.

So from the company standpoint, we are seeking players that are going to get our brand maximum exposure on a nationwide level. So if you’re a player and you only stay in your local area playing tournaments and blind draws then that really doesn’t offer any benefit for us. So why would we throw that guy cash and apparel when it’s only going to be seen by the same hundred people each week?

But if you’re a player that likes to travel and loves to compete in big tournaments then yeah, you are the person we are looking for to represent our company. Whether it is a sponsorship deal or a brand ambassador. In my opinion, both of those are important for any brand.

How will you represent our brand?

A sponsorship is a two-way street. We understand that you are seeking benefits such as paid travel and entry fees, etc. but the sponsor needs to benefit as well. After a deal is made you are not finished. In fact, you have not even started to fulfill your end of the deal. You will now need to represent the company as per the contract. This can include things like wearing our gear during play, being a good person and representative on and off the boards, being vocal on social media to promote our brand, pushing sales of our products, etc. The terms of your deal will all be laid out in a contract and could differ from person to person.

So, before hitting someone up for a sponsorship, make sure that you are committed to the game and that you’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill your duty as a sponsored player. As well as figuring out ways that you are going to represent the brand. An example that comes to mind is Nascar. After the driver wins the race and is about to be interviewed, he removes his helmet and someone slaps a hat, from his sponsor, on his head. Or maybe they give him a can of RedBull if that is his sponsor. Get the idea?

Sponsorship is not just for Professionals

While we do focus on the ACL Pro players we don’t just stop there. We feel that all skill levels are important and worthy of either some sort of sponsorship or to be labeled as a brand ambassador. But with that being said, we only have so much budget and definitely cannot take on everyone. So we need to pick and choose the right people to represent our brand. We need to find those people that can get our brand in front of the most eyes, as mentioned above..

Drop us an email if you’re interested in collaborating with us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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